1 May – we demand another Europe

(30 April 2015) On marches, at rallies and other celebrations across Europe on 1st May, the labour movement will demand an end to austerity and a new policy for Europe. I will join the march in Antwerp. Speeches there will stress the need to change a government that is attacking pay and conditions and slashing funding for public services. The public service union CGSP/ACOD organised a strike on 22 April to put pressure on the government for a change of policy and all the EPSU unions in (...)

Taking position on trade, tax justice, Greece and urgency of search and rescue in Mediterranean sea - 50th EPSU Executive Committee

EPSU will use Global Public Services Day Tuesday 23 June to draw attention to the impact of the trade agreements CETA and the negotiations on TTIP and TISA on public services. This was decided by the 50th EPSU Executive Committee. Affiliated unions are requested to seek publicity for our concerns and inform membership and public service workers of how the trade agreements effect workers’ rights. The trade agreements and especially if they include so-called Investor State Dispute Settlement (...)

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EU must assume its responsibility on the migration and asylum crisis in Mediterranean and Aegean Seas

EPSU Executive Committee statement, 29 April 2015 Meeting in Brussels, European leaders of public service unions held a moment of silence for the 800 hundreds people who died in the Mediterranean sea on 19 April in the hope of finding a safe haven or a better life in Europe. This came at the same time as another boat capsized in the Aegean sea killing 3 people and just days after 400 others drowned in a similar accident in the Mediterranean. Since the beginning of the year at (...)

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EPSU Statement on Greece

(Adopted at the EPSU Executive Committee on 28-29 April 2015) The EPSU Executive Committee supports the statement agreed at the ETUC Executive Committee on 10 and 11 March – Greece after the election: an opportunity for Europe . EPSU agrees that further austerity will only worsen the already desperate state of many public services and the extent to which everyone in Greece has access to these services and benefits from social protection. In the forthcoming difficult negotiations with the (...)

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Inter-American public service workers united to stop unfair trade

(27 April 2015) Without struggle there is no victory said one of unionists referring to fights of the unions to prevent privatisation of water services in Latin America. Others talked about the large sums of money that the rich in their countries did not pay in taxes or hide away in tax havens. One colleague said that tax justice and linking the various networks to demand new rules to ensure that the corporations, rich and wealthy pay their fair share was urgent. The money would allow for (...)

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European Trade Unions mobilize for occupational cancer prevention on 28 April

(Brussels, 24 April 2015) International Workers’ Memorial Day is held on 28 April. This year we commemorate the thousands of workers that have died from accidents and occupational diseases at work. Toxic exposure at the workplace is the spotlight this year. EPSU is particularly concerned that the European Commission has failed to promote occupational cancer prevention measures. The carcinogens agents Directive, the main instrument for protection of workers from the risks related to exposure (...)

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