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Welcome to the U.K. page

Welcome to the United Kingdom and Northern Irish public service workers who are members of EPSU!

Dear friend, and member of EPSU,

Welcome to the United Kingdom page of the European Federation of Public Service Unions. We are glad to be able to give you an introduction to the work of EPSU, work which brings together at the European level over 8 million public service workers. EPSU is organized in health and social services, local government, national administration and public utilities like gas and electricity.

EPSU representatives and staff strive to ensure that public service quality, collective bargaining coordination, gender equality and coordination with international work are properly considered in all aspects of our work, and properly communicated.

Please check out who represents U.K. workers in EPSU here,

We are proud to represent U.K. public service workers in Europe,

Yours sincerely,

Liz Snape, Janet Davies, Dave Prentis, Gary Doolan and Mark Serwotka, Executive representatives for U.K.

Please check out who represents workers in the Czech Republic in EPSU here:

- EPSU Executive Committee
- EPSU Women’s and Gender Equality Committee
- EPSU Standing Committee on Health and Social Services
- EPSU Standing Committee on Local and Regional Government
- EPSU Standing Committee on National and European Administration
- EPSU Standing Committee on Public Utilities