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EPSU EWC Project Workshop 2

18-19 April 2012

EPSU EWC Project Workshop 2
Wednesday and Thursday, 18 and 19 April 2012
ITUH, Room B, Bd du Roi Albert II, 5, 1210 Brussels

“The EWC agreement and Communication with management and workers”
part of the project “Information, Consultation and Participation of workers in Multinational Companies in Health and Social Services”.

You are invited to the second workshop in the project for workers representatives and EWC-members in Health and Social Services Multinational companies.

Travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed (with a maximum of 400€).

Active interpretation is available in English, Swedish and Finnish. (You can speak and listen to these languages). Passive interpretation is available in German and French (which means you can speak German or French, but not listen to these languages).

I look forward to see you on 18 and 19 April!

- Meeting documents

- Invitation letter

PDF - 185.2 kb
invitation EN

- Draft agenda

PDF - 223.5 kb
draft agenda EN

- List of hotels in Brussels and area map

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Hotels in Brussels
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