2nd meeting negotiating group Suez

The delegation came together 6 September 2006, Paris. New developments regarding the merger were reported. The Secretary will have the possibility to read a censored version of the document the European Commission has sent to both companies (Suez and Gas de France) and which has also been sent to so-called interested third parties. It will be confidential. The expert will discuss the report with Suez and inform the EWC what can be expected. What does the Commission expect and what will the companies suggest as disposals/ disinvestments.

Colleagues in Gas de France in the meantime are organising information meetings with their members and are preparing for major national actions 12 September.
The French Parliament has started to consider 137.449 amendments to the law which has been proposed to privatise Gas de France. The opposition clearly wishes to block the privatisation.

A discussion took place with management regarding resources for the work of the group as a significant number of meetings is foreseen. Further discussion took place on the agenda and which issues should be discussed when and first. The union group also had prepared alternatives regarding the proposals on forward looking employment policy.
The trade union group also got confirmation that all employees of Suez will receive a bonus. The trade unions had demanded this as a reward and sign of appreciation for ensuring that Suez had done well in 2005. The modalities are not clear and are elaborated by Suez. The value of the bonus will be an equivalent of 4 shares plus dividends and paid out over 5 years. The next meeting of the union delegation will be 18 September for a preparatory meeting.

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