One million workers in EWCs say to Commission: Act now on Revision of Directive

(9 June 2008) European Works Councils in which EPSU is active and representing ONE MILLION workers have written to Commissioner Spidla he needs to publish the Revision of the EWC Directive now.
EWCs of some of Europe's largest companies in the energy, water and waste sectors such as Suez, Veolia, EON, RWE, Essent, Vattenfall, CEZ, RWE, EON, EdF, GdF and others argue that information and consultation rights need to be strengthened and resources provided to ensure EWCs can face up to the challenges of dealing with restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and work place changes. This requires an appropriate legal basis as also colleagues in companies in which EWCs are set up demand.

Together with EWCs in many other companies in which European Federations of the ETUC are active, millions of workers want a stronger Directive to ensure a stronger voice when changes are made that effect workers.

EPSU Deputy General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan: These million workers in energy, water, waste and millions more in other sectors give a very clear signal to the Commissioner to act on the revision of the EWC Directive. Do not sweep their demands under the carpet. The dithering of the Commission has to stop.

EPSU thanks the EWCs for writing to the Commissioner, it underlines the strong support for the ETUC Campaign: On the Offensive for Stronger EWCs.

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