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Social Services Working Group

50th meeting of the EPSU Executive Committee (2 days)

28-29 April 2015 Brussels, ITUH

42nd meeting of the Standing Committee on Public Utilities

11 March 2015 ITUH, Brussels

EPSU European Works Council coordinators network meeting

10 March 2015 ITUH, Brussels

Workshop on multinationals in infrastructure

Joint EPSU-ETUI workshop 9 March, Brussels more details to follow

EPSU Economic Policy group 26 October 2012

25 October 2012

EPSU Productivity Project: final meeting and reports

At the final project meeting on 3 October in Brussels, participants concentrated on discussing the three draft briefings prepared by researchers, Christoph Hermann and David Tarren. Below are some of the main points: • Revise introduction to highlight the fundamental differences between the public (democracy, transparency) and private sectors (profit-driven) – highlight reason for public sector to exist and emphasise that service users/patients cannot be treated the same as customers, while (...)

Waste Management conference, 20 June 2005, Brussels

“European Works Councils and the Waste Industry Dealing with competition and restructuring” This conference was organised with the financial support from the European Commission International Trade Union House, Brussels, 09:00 - 17:30 Draft Programme Plan of Action for Waste Handling in the Nordic Countries European waste management: background to a discussion on EWCs, A PSIRU report for EPSU By Steve Davies, Senior Research Fellow, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, (...)

9-10 May 2005: EPSU Conference on Public-private partnerships (PPPs) and quality public services

Conference documents: Brief report of the EPSU Conference on Public-private partnerships (PPPs) and quality public services, 9 and 10 May 2005 Brussels Strategic Partnership in Crisis: Lessons from Britain, presented by Lesley Gilson, Bedfordshire UNISON Public Private Partnerships in Austria, presented by Thomas Kattnig, GdG, Austria PPPs in the EU - introduction to EPSU conference, presented by David Hall, PSIRU National Examples of trade union to approaches to PPPs (...)