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Suez and GDF merged in July 2008. Further information you will now find on the GdF-SUEZ pages.

EWC Suez discusses employment and long-term investment

One of the major themes of the EWC meeting was the discussion on the implementation of the European agreement on forward looking management of employment and competencies (GPEC) of July 2007. This agreement is in a test phase with pilot projects in France and Belgium and with training for trade unionists involved in GPEC. The agreement obliges management to discuss with workers’ representatives the plans for middle to long-term investments and the impact on employment and qualifications (...)

Suez Bureau meets: merger and implementation of agreements on the agenda

(Brussels, 5 June 2008) The following issues were on the agenda: Preparation of the agenda of the preparatory plenary meeting of the EWC, 18 June (Paris). Amongst others there will be a presentation on the merger by the experts of Secafi, a presentation by the experts of Syndex on the implications for the merger in the (energy) services area (SES Cofatech) Update on the merger. The bureau considered the importance of preparation for discussions in particular with regard to the EWC. It (...)

Gas de France Suez merger - GdF unions given negative opinion

The central works council of Gas de France gave its negative opinion on the merger of Gas de France with Suez. Although the opinion is obligatory to obtain for the company in France, it is not binding. Both companies now have the opinion of the workers’ representative bodies (both at European level and at French level) and will now proceed rapidly with the merger. The Boards will meet, sign the merger agreement and general shareholders meetings are foreseen for Mid July. And then a new (...)

Suez and trade unions finalise agreement on social guarantees in case of merger

(28 March 2008) The trade unions and management finalised the agreement on social guarantees in the case of the merger with GdF. The role of the trade unions is recognised including in the follow up of the agreement. One of the innovations of the agreement concerns the social clause in case of commercial contracts. Such a social clause will be integrated in the significant contracts and this will be discussed and negotiated at the level of the companies to ensure adaptation to the specific (...)

Suez union groups discusses merger, social guaranties, profit-sharing...

(10 March 2008) The trade union group discussed the following issues: A proposal for the training of management and shopstewards to implement the European agreement on Forward looking management of employment and competencies. Two pilots will take place (in Lyon and Antwerpen). The training is to provide feed back on the practical implementation of the agreement and if its provisions and terminology are understandable and agreed between management and the trade unions; Suez informed (...)

Consultation on agreement with Suez concerning the social protection in case of the merger with Gaz de France

(23 June 2008) Agreement signed on 17 June 2008 Agreem soc guarantees June08- EN Agreem soc guarantees June08 - FR Agreem soc guarantees June08 - NL Agreem soc guarantees June08 - ES version January 2008 Agreement social guarantees-DE Agreement social guarantees -IT Agreement social guarantees -SV Agreement social guarantees -NO Agreeement social guarantees -FIN Agreement social guarantees -HU Agreement social guarantees - CZ Agreement social (...)

Suez EWC expresses its opinion on the merger with Gaz de France

(8 January 2008) The EWC of Suez met 7 January 2007. It gave its opinion on the merger with Gaz de France. The opinion of the EWC was negative especially because the project included the cessation of 65% of the actions and bringing them to the stock exchange. The EWC did note that the development of the markets will offer threats as well as possibilities for the new companies, and is positive that the participants in the shareholder pact can not sell their shares during three years. It (...)

Extra-ordinary meeting of the EWC of SUEZ

(21 December 2007) The meeting was called by management to demand an opinion of the Suez EWC on the merger with GdF, and the project to bring Suez Environment to the stock exchange. Intense negotations took place to realise two important conditions: guarantees for the employees and a strengthening of the shareholders pact for Suez Environment that should protect the company against hostile take-overs. An draft agreement was reached which deals with garanties for the workers involved (...)

Suez negotiating group considers trade union rights and resources

(14 November 2007) Trade union rights and resources were on the agenda of the trade union group, 13 November 2007. It considered a draft text which is to improve the position of trade union representatives in Suez and contribute to representation of high quality and professionalism in the dialogue and negotiations with the company. It is part of the discussions to develop a "Statute Suez" which started in April 2006. Three agreements have meanwhile been realised on equality and diversity, (...)

Extra-ordinary meeting of the Suez EWC

(13 November 2007) The EWC discussed the proposed merger between Suez and GdF and its consequences for Suez Environment. The new project foresees in bringing 65% of the shares of the company to the stock exchange. This raises concerns regarding protection of employment, guarantees for the agreements which have been reached and the long-term strategy of the key investors. The EWC received a presentation from Secafi-Alpha on several outstanding questions. It also held a discussion with the (...)

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