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EDF Energy pay strike today prompts call for ‘urgent talks’

(16 June 2014) Unite, the UK’s largest union, called for ‘urgent and constructive’ talks with EDF Energy, as nearly 500 workers took strike action today (Monday 16 June) in a three-pronged pay dispute. The employees in the London, South Eastern, South West and Eastern regions started their 24 hour strike at 00.01 today which will mean delays in fixing and installing meters for customers. Revenue protection will also be hit – as the workers going on strike include those dealing with business (...)

EDF Energy workers to strike twice in pay dispute

(7 May 2014) Nearly 500 workers at EDF Energy will be taking strike action on Tuesday 6 May and Thursday 8 May in a three-pronged pay dispute. The UK unions, said the two days of strike action will mean that there will be delays in fixing and installing meters for customers. Revenue protection will also be hit – as the workers going on strike include those dealing with business owners and private customers who are allegedly fiddling and stealing electricity. And it warned that further (...)

EDF EWC adopts critical position on health and safety policy

(11 December 2013) Management of the French electricity company EDF presented its health and safety policy to the European Works Council (EWC) 4 December 2013. In the last three years 61 people died and management and the EWC agree that health and safety is the highest priority. In practice however management does not value the critical contributions of the workers and their representatives to improve the situation. It leaves out important elements like maintenance and material. The EWC (...)

Hungarian unions fight to protect jobs in EDF

(11 April 2012) The French multinational company EDF wants to dismissed 15% of its staff in its Hungarian subsidiary BERT. That company has made loses for the first time in 10 years, and due to interventions from the Hungarian government. EDF however has posted 3 billion Euros in profits for 2011. The Hungarian and other unions in EDF, including EPSU affiliate CGT-FNME have protested against this brutal attack. It is all workers which contribute to the profits of the company and the (...)

EDF European Works Council issues negative opinion on the sale of UK networks to Cheung Kong

(13 September 2010) The European Works Council met 3 September 2010. It discussed the sale of EDF’s distribution networks in the UK to Hong Kong based Cheung Kong Infrastructures, a conglomerate of businesses across the world. The UK workers and their unions and the EDF EWC are concerned about the implications for the work force because of the take-over. Guarantees for information and consultation rights are not firm and workers risk losing rights and protection if Cheung Kong opts out of (...)

Agreement : Electricité de France EWC

EDF European Works Council Agreement of 14 November 2001 as revised in February and May 2005 Agreement - EN Accord relatif au Comité d’Entreprise Européen d’EDF du 14 novembre 2001, révisé en février et mai 2005 Accord - FR vereinbarung über den Eurobetriebsrat von EDF vom 14. november 2001 revision im Februar und Mai 2005 Agreement - DE EDF Európai üzemi bizottság a 2001. november 14 - i megállapodás módosítási idõpont 2005. február és máju Agreement - HU Dohoda o európskej podnikovej (...)

Job losses in EDF: Unions call for strike action

La presse rend publics les objectifs de réduction d’emplois à EDF dans le cadre du plan Altitude 7500 qui accompagne l’ouverture du capital. Le niveau des suppressions est de 6000 emplois avec une économie sur l’évolution de la masse salariale de 1,5 milliard d’euros. Lire le communiqué FNME-CGT du 8 décembre: Communiqué

EWC of EDF adopts critical position on company’s proposed industrial policies


EDF European Works Council agreement improved

The European Works Council of EDF, the French electricity company, has made a number of changes to the existing agreement. Rights for information and consultation have been improved amongst others. It also sets out the objective to increase the representation of women in the EWC. The agreement was signed 17 May 2005. EPSU Deputy General Secretary signed for EPSU. The first meeting of the new EWC, took place 18 May. Claude Pommery has been re-elected the EDF (...)

Extra ordinary meeting EDF deals with employment and meets protesting Polish workers, Warsaw, 17 March 2004

The extra-ordinary meeting on employment developments in the Group EDF was organised at the demand of the EWC. It asked for updated information on employment issues (jobs, training, disabled, women, dialogue/ negotiations on restructuring). A document of 200 pages covering this information of companies in France, Germany, UK, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Brazil, Argentina and Vietnam/China. The report used EPSU figures for European employment. Like EPSU the report demands the update of a (...)

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