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EPSU UK affiliate Unite picketing waste company SITA Kirklees of GdfSuez over bullying by management

SITA workers in Bristol take industrial action

Workers of SITA, the waste management arm of Gdf-Suez, and organized by EPSU affiliated union UNITE decided to take industrial action following overwhelming support in a ballot. The workers have been operating according to rule and will take the next step 27 May. The conflict is over pay. Since November 2007 workers have not received a pay increase. Management has been delaying a pay agreement since November 2008 and is now arguing that due to the financial crisis it can not afford to pay (...)

EPSU FNV Bondgenoten meeting on SITA, 23 - 24 September 2008, Amsterdam

EPSU FNV Bondgenoten meeting on SITA 23 - 24 September 2008 Amsterdam FOR ALL RELATED DOCUMENTS CLICK HERE

Verdi reaches agreement with SITA Germany

EPSU affiliate Verdi has reached an agreement with the waste company SITA, part of the French company SUEZ. The negotiations have taken a long time, included protest actions and the rejection of an earlier settlement. The agreement protects jobs and ensures SITA remains in the employers organisation. Proposals to reduce wages and benefits with 15% have been countered. The negotiations have been closely followed by the EPSU SITA trade union group and the European Works Council of Suez. They (...)

Statement of EWC Suez on SITA ost

The Steering Committee of the EWC of Suez urged management to find a solution to the situation of SITA Ost. Enlargement can be no excuse for lowering pay and conditions and violating collective agreements.

Negotiations on the renewal of the Suez EWC agreement, 7 June 2004

The delegations met again to consider a number of issues. Main points: reference in the preambule to the European directive on information and consultation at national level. start of negotiations between the trade unions outside of Europe and Suez on an international structure. Management and the EWC have received several letters of unions that seek such negotiations. more precise definition of information, social dialogue and concertation. articles on equal treatment and on (...)

Suez 2nd round of negotiations on amending existing EWC agreement

Management proposed a (very limited) number of changes to the agreement including the possibility for the work groups of Suez (waste, water and energy) to call an extra-ordinary meeting in exceptional circumstances. Further discussion concentrated on training, communication, information and consultation, additional workgroups or not (services). Management also received a demand from unions outside of Europe to commence negotiations on international information and consultation. The next (...)

EPSU supports Verdi action in waste company SITA Ost

Workers of SITA Ost staged a demonstration 13 March 2004. They protested the cuts in pay and conditions imposed by management. SITA Ost also is no longer following the collective agreement for the waste sector and has pressured workers in accepting an individual contract. The demonstration was organised by Verdi. SITA Ost is a German waste company active in the east of Germany. It is part of the French company Suez (waste, water, energy). The European Works Council of Suez and EPSU have (...)

Suez to revises agreement

Suez, the French-Belgian company is active in waste (SITA) energy (Electrabel, Distrigas) and water (Lyonnaise). It employs close to 150.000 workers worldwide. The European Works Council (EWC) of Suez is based on a voluntary agreement. A first meeting to discuss changes to the agreement was held between the signatory parties, the bureau of the EWC and management, on 4 February 2004. On balance the experience with the EWC is positive and proposals for improvement were made. Management (...)

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