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EWC of Health Care company CAPIO meets first time

(01 October 2007) Starting with the surprise announcement of the resignation of the CEO of Capio Paul Hokfelt, who will move to Unilabs, the EWC had an interesting meeting centering around : what the implications are of being owned by private equity company (Opica- a joint venture of Nordic Capital and Apax); the split off of Capio Diagnostics to be merged with Swiss company Unilabs and its impact on workers; Future of the company, its growth perspective, country strategies. The EWC (...)

First European Works Council in private health care company

Capio is the first health care company to conclude a European Works Council agreement. Privatisation of health care contributes to the creation of multinationals in this sector. “EPSU firmly believes in public health care, says EPSU Deputy General Secretary. Nonetheless workers in the European private health companies want to discuss central management’s policies, influence decisions and work to improve working conditions. The EWC is an instrument to achieve this.” The special negotiating (...)

Small working group of SNB Capio meets, 1 March, Brussels

The small working group went over the latest changes as proposed by management in December 2005. The workgroup suggested a small number of amendments on information and consultation, the functioning of the coordinating committee, facilities and the role of EPSU amongst others. The reaction of management is outstanding. The EPSU Deputy General Secretary assisted the group as (...)

Work group SNB of Capio meets

A working group of the SNB for Capio, the Swedish health care company, met with management to consider a possible agreement for a European Works Council 4 October 2005. The meeting was disappointing. Very limited progress was made compared to a full SNB meeting in March 2005. Difficult issues remain: definition of information and consultation, EPSU presence, extraordinary meetings in exceptional circumstances, the role of the Coordinating Group (or Steering Committee), frequency of its (...)

2nd meeting of the Capio SNB

The Capio SNB met 8-9 March 2005. It discussed a proposal for an EWC agreement as put forward by management and compared it with its own proposals. A number of issues remained till the end including: languages, definition of information and consultation, exceptional meetings, meetings for the coordinating group (or select committee), number of representatives in the coordinating group, representation of EPSU at the meetings, debriefing meeting. A final compromise proposal of the SNB was not (...)

First health care company starts negotiations on EWC

The Swedish Company Capio opened negotiations with the Special Negotiations Body 4 October. The SNB brings together representatives from Denmark, France, Norway, Sweden and the UK. It employs 14.000 workers in health care, diagnostics and related services. EPSU provides the expert to the SNB and ETUCO provided training on workers’ representation for the SNB members. Capio is the first health care company in Europe to negotiate an EWC. The first round of negotiations will take place 4-6 (...)

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