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Unions threaten legal action over pay rises

29 January 2016

Public sector unions, including state sector union SDLSN, have threatened to go to the courts if the new government does not honour an agreement to implement pay increases 4%, 8% or 10% based on years of services. The previous government did not pay any increases in 2015 in response to the pressure on public finances but they were expected in 2016 with a return to economic growth. The new government is asking unions to be patient while it sorts out funding for the current year as current financial plans do not include provisions for the increases for the whole year. Read more at > SDLSN (HR)

EPSU supports energy unions

29 May 2014
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Letter to Minister of Economy

EPSU has written to the Minister of the Economy to complain about the government’s interference in social dialogue and collective bargaining at the HEP electricity company HEP. The letter points out that the intervention has made it difficult for the unions and management of the company to reach agreement on a collective agreement for the first time in 18 years. EPSU also calls on the government to promote the social dialogue and collective bargaining as was also agreed in the Memorandum of Understanding on the Social Aspects of the Energy Community.

EPSU challenges government over collective bargaining

26 March 2014
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EPSU lettter to PM

EPSU has written to the Prime Minister and Labour Minister in support of the SDLSN state and local government union and in protest at the government’s attack on collective bargaining. The government is planning to withhold the payment of service bonuses to civil servants. This not only fails to comply with the collective agreement (specifically article 45) that the government signed in August 2012 and the agreed procedure for amendments to the collective agreement but it also contravenes Article 10 of Annex II to the Collective Agreement for Civil Servants and Employees with the Trade Unions of Civil Services, in which the government gave a commitment to avoid any reductions in the budget wages in 2014. Read more at > SDLSN (HR)

ETUC and ITUC letter of protest over labour law

28 February 2014

The European and global trade union confederations - ETUC and ITUC - have written to the prime minister in support of the Croatian trade unions and to express their concerns about draft labour legislation. The ETUC and ITUC argues that the effect of the legislation will be to undermine social dialogue and marginalise the trade unions. Unions organised a protest outside parliament on 26 February to coincide with the latest reading of the legislation. There was also a solidarity strike across the country on 25 February in support of two separate disputes at a knitwear factory and medical rehabilitation centre. The solidarity strike was used again to highlight opposition to the labour law. Read more at > SSSH (HR) And at > SSSH (HR) And on > solidarity strike (HR) And more at > dalje news website (EN)

Union challenges government over pensions changes

29 November 2013
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EPSU letter

EPSU has sent a letter to the Croatian president expressing its support for the SLSN state and local government trade union which is concerned about draft legislation on pensions and retirement age in the public sector. The legislation will mean that the government can terminate contracts when civil servants reach 65 or 35 years of qualifying service. The union is worried that the government will use the new rules to force women to retire as part of a strategy to cut 12000 jobs from the civil service. In its letter EPSU highlights the importance of gender equality and particularly the impact that the measures might have on increasing what it is already a large gender pensions gap.

Unions campaign against public sector pay cut

8 May 2013

Public sector unions are consulting their members over organising a major day of action to protest at pay cuts and attacks on collective bargaining. The unions began their anti-government campaigning at this year’s May Day rally and are planning an action that would effectively blocked key services to demonstrate the importance and value of public services to citizens and the economy. Read more at news website > Dalje (EN) And further at > Dalje (EN)

Health workers strike on 29 November

26 November 2012

Health workers will be taking industrial action on 29 November in protest at cuts to the health sector and the unilateral decision by the government to end the collective agreement without any form of social dialogue. Read more at > HSSMS-MT (HR) And our solidarity message and letter of protest to Croatian government at > EPSU (EN, HR)

Four-year agreement for public sector

28 August 2012

After several rounds of bargaining, public sector unions have agreed a new four-year collective agreement that maintains pay levels and protects jobs. However, the government was looking to make savings and so the unions have agreed to a temporary cut to Christmas bonuses in 2012 and 2013 and a reduction in holiday grants next year. Read more at > Dalje news website (EN)

Job cuts in public sector as part of austerity measures

13 March 2012

The government is in the process of implementing €260 million of cuts that will hit public sector jobs as well as certain wage benefits, overtime and expenses. The government is also laying off around 5000 workers on temporary contracts. Unions have been involved in negotiations over the cuts package are arguing that the government has to analyse where to reduce employee numbers and not implement random cuts. Read more at > SETimes news website (EN) And at > Balkan Insight news website (EN)

Planned general strike called off following offer of referendum

25 November 2010

Public sector unions have called off a series of actions next month that could have lead to a general strike on 10 December. The unions were demanding a referendum on trade union and employment rights but have now got the agreement from the government that a referendum will be held that would reduce the threshold of signatures required to call a referendum from 450,000 to 200,000. This will be on the same day as the referendum on joining the European Union. Read more at > Bloomberg news website (EN) And earlier story at > Bloomberg

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