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Confederations organise general strike against bail-out measures

11 November 2015

The GSEE private sector and ADEDY public sector confederations called a general strike for 12 November in protest against the proposed measures that the government would have to meet the demands of the Euro group. In contrast to the calls for privatisation and more labour market reforms, the confederations are calling for investment, recruitment of public service workers and action on debt. Read more at > ADEDY (GR) And at > EPSU (EN)

Strike against bailout agreement

20 July 2015

Public sector confederation ADEDY organised a 24-hour strike on 15 July in protest at the bailout deal agreed between the government and the Eurogroup. The deal involves more austerity, the imposition of privatisation and further labour market reforms. Read more at > ADEDY (GR) And at > EPSU (EN)

Strike action to defend health service

28 May 2015

The ADEDY civil service confederation called a 24-hour strike on 20 May in support of the strike action in the health sector organised by the POEDHN trade union. The protest was in defence of the health service, calling for adequate funding for free health service for all, for an end to privatisation and for recuperation of pay cuts for health workers. Read more at > ADEDY (GR) And at > Greek Reporter (EN)

Strike action on 27 November

11 November 2014

Public and private sector trade union confederations, ADEDY and GSEE, have called a general strike for 27 November in protest at the continuing austerity measures being enforced by the government. They are demanding increases in wages and the repeal of the legislation that has undermined collective bargaining and employment rights. ADEDY is particularly concerned about further threats to layoff public sector workers and both confederations are protesting over cuts to the social security and health systems. Read more at > ADEDY (GR)

Strike over health service funding, jobs and pay

30 September 2014

Civil service confederation ADEDY and its health sector organisations are organising a day of demonstrations on 1 October and a 24-hour strike on 2 October in protest at the desperate situation in the health sector, arising from the policies imposed by the Troika. The union says that over 20000 staff have left the service and recruitment has not even reached the one in 10 replacement level that was supposed to be the rule. Those remaining in the service are working excessive hours and are not receiving pay for overtime. Whole departments and small hospitals are being closed down to reach the Troika targets. Read more at > ADEDY (GR)

Strikes and protests over jobs and right to strike

17 July 2014

The ADEDY civil service confederation organised a 24-hour strike on 9 July in protest at further job cuts. ADEDY also expressed its support for the GENOP-DEI energy union whose members had been forced to end their strike action against plans to privatise the energy sector. Read more at > EPSU (EN)

Strike action over job cuts and austerity

17 April 2014
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EPSU solidarity ADEDY

The ADEDY civil service confederation organised a public sector wide strike on 9 April against the government’s continuing austerity measures and in particular legislation to implement further job cuts. EPSU sent a solidarity message. Read more at > ADEDY (GR) And at > press tv website (EN)

Public sector workers strike to defend jobs

19 March 2014

The public sector confederation ADEDY organised a 24-hour strike on 12 March followed by a 48-hour strike on 19-20 March in protest at further attacks on public services and public service workers arising from the policies of the Troika - the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund. The main issue for the current strikes is the government’s proposed legislation that will see the closure of 23 public bodies and the dismissal of thousands of public sector workers. Read more at > EPSU

Confederations call general strike for 6 November

1 November 2013

Civil service confederation ADEDY and the GSEE private sector confederation have called a general strike for 6 November against the threat of another round of austerity measures, public sector job cuts and new job transfer arrangements. Read more at > World Bulletin (EN)

Day of action and two-day strike against austerity

17 September 2013

The member organisations of the ADEDY civil service confederation will be taking part in a week of action and a two-day strike against the latest austerity measures being imposed on the public sector. The health sector is under particular pressure following a 25% budget cut in the last two years while some 25000 civil servants are being put into a relocation pool on reduced pay while waiting to find out if they will be relocated or finally dismissed. A further 4000 are set to lose their jobs by the end of the year. Read more at > ADEDY (GR) And at > ekatherimini news website (EN) And at > Greek Reporter news website (EN)

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