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Union wins major court victory over bankrupt care company

11 November 2015

The FNV trade union confederation won an important legal case earlier this month involving the Meavista care company that went bankrupt in 2009. With more than 20,000 employees and 100,000 clients and a turnover of half a billion euros Meavita was one of the largest healthcare organizations in the Netherlands.The key element the verdict is the personal liability of the board of directors and the supervisory board and there is a signal to businesses that you cannot use bankruptcy to escape from claims of malpractice. The next step will be to assess damages suffered by the thousands of workers affected and to start a follow up procedure. Read more at > FNV (NL)

Ambulance workers take action to secure new collective agreement

14 October 2015

After 10 months without a new collective agreement, ambulance workers, members of FNV Zorg and Welzijun took their first national industrial action on 7 October. They followed this up with further action in different regions on Monday 12 and Wednesday 14 October. The four-hour strike action has also been preceded by several months of working to rule, with employees making sure they take their breaks and not doing overtime. Read more at > FNV (NL)

Job security key priority in collective bargaining

24 September 2015

The FNV has set out a number of key priorities for its collective bargaining with job security one of the main demands. The confederation is also looking at a target of 3% increases in salaries and the abolition of youth wages. The FNV wants to ensure higher pay for lower paid workers as part of a strategy to tackle rising inequality. Getting flexible workers on permanent contracts and more jobs for people with disabilities also feature in the debate on collective agreements going on within the confederation. Read more at > FNV (NL)

Union refuses to sign deal with government

14 August 2015

The FNV has refused to sign an agreement with the government covering a broad range of public sector workers. The union has challenged the government to clarify what the deal would mean for pensions in particular. While the government claims it is offering a 5.05% pay increase, the FNV argues that part of this money comes from reduced pensions and so is in fact worth only 2.85% with a €500 lump sum. The union will continue to campaign for a better deal and for collective agreements covering civil servants and other public sector workers. It also wants a commitment for more permanent rather than temporary jobs across the public services. Read more at > FNV (NL)

New agreement in general practice

30 July 2015

The FNV and CNV trade unions have negotiated a new two-year agreement covering workers in general practices. In terms of pay the agreement, backdated to 1 March 2015 will deliver a 3.75% increase in four stages. There are also provisions on shift work and annual leave affecting older workers and additional funds for trainees. Read more at > FNV (NL)

MPs back union calls for negotiations

15 July 2015

The FNV union is pleased that a vote in Parliament provides it with support for renewed negotiations covering civil servants. Union negotiator Marco Ouwehand says the unions are ready to negotiate to provide a collective agreement for the 120000 civil servants after 1700 days without an agreement but they want to see a serious offer on the table from Minister Stef Blok. Read more at > FNV (NL)

Massive support for petition to stop cuts in care

26 June 2015

The FNV and CNV trade unions have been overwhelmed by the level of support for their petition calling for an end to cuts to the care sector. The target of 300000 signatures was reached within weeks and the final total was 736759 when the petition was handed over to the government on 19 June. At the same time FNV members employed by the TSN home care organisation have been protesting against the employers plans to cut 650 jobs and cut the pay of its remaining employees by 30%. The workers have organised a four-day protest across four towns beginning on 22 June. Read more at > FNV (NL) And at > FNV (NL)

Court ruling to boost healthworkers’ holiday pay

25 June 2015

A recent court ruling in the Hague has confirmed a European Court of Justice judgement that health workers’ holiday pay should include some compensation for payment for any irregular shift work. The ruling is good news for all nurses and carers who work irregular shifts but who have only received basic pay during their annual leave. They can now claim any for any underpayments going back five years. Read more at > NU’91 (NL)

State sector workers continue protests over collective agreement

25 June 2015

State sector unions are running a campaign to put pressure on the government to negotiate a new collective agreement. The unions are angry that the civil service minister has only offered a 0.5% increase after four years of pay being frozen. The unions are calling for a 3% pay increase and improvements to employment conditions, particularly a reduction in flexible contracts. The unions are involving workers in a range of different protests at different times across the country. For example, customs staff will be doing full checks of all goods and baggage going through the port of Rotterdam on 29 June and at Schiphol on 6 July which will means longer queues and delays and on 18 June several hundred tax workers and prison officers joined a demontration in Amsterdam. Read more at > FNV (NL) And at > FNV (NL)

Agreement in University Medical Centres ends zero hour contracts

12 June 2015

Health unions have negotiated a new 32-month agreement covering 70000 employees in University Medical Centres. The agreement is backdated to 1 April this year and runs until 1 January 2018 and includes long-term provisions to increase the employment of people with disabilities with 215 taken on this year and 895 by end of 2018 and regular increases beyond that. Temporary jobs will be converted into permanent ones and there will be guaranteed minimum hours and so an end to zero-hour contracts. Pay will be increased by 0.8% as of 1 April this year then three increases of 1% in August 2015, 2016 and 2017. There will also be a €200 paid in January 2016. Read more at > FNV (NL) And at > CNV (NL) And at > NU’91 (NL)

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