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Ambulance workers take action

15 May 2015

Ambulance workers across the country are taking industrial action to put pressure on the employers to negotiate a decent collective agreement. The FNV and CNV unions are concerned about workloads, the pressures of work and securing a pay increase of around 2.5%. They want action to address the negative impact of night shifts, particularly on older workers, and to tackle violence. The unions will be working to rule with a ban on overtime. Read more at > FNV (NL) And at > CNV (NL)

No progress on government sector agreement

29 April 2015

Trade unions in the state sector have effectively pulled out of negotiations over a new collective agreement following a meeting with civil service minister Stef Blok. The unions are looking for a pay increase that would begin to compensate for the pay freeze that has lasted since the previous collective agreement expired over 1600 days ago. The minister could only talk about a possible 1% increase over the next two years but didn’t want to make any commitment before knowing about pension contributions. Unions are planning to give the minister an ultimatum calling for proper negotiations or the unions will begin a campaign of action. Read more at > FNV (NL) And at > CNV Publieke Zaak (NL)

Civil service pay negotiations get underway

16 April 2015

Negotiations over a new collective agreement for civil servants have begun with unions presenting central government minister Stef Blok with a petition signed by over 30000 civil servants demonstrating the strength of feeling for a new collective agreement. The main aims of the unions are to secure a 3% pay increase, a deal on job security and an allowance in recognition of the long period (over four years) without a revised collective agreement. Read more at > FNV (NL) And at > CNV Publieke Zaak (NL)

Hospital workers get 6.5% over 34 months

19 March 2015

After mobilising members and putting pressure on management, unions in the hospital sector have managed to secure a new collective agreement in principal that will deliver a 6.5% pay increase over 34 months. The agreement runs from 1 March 2014 to 31 December 2016 and covers around 120000 workers. The deal includes a 3% per year increase in the training budget as well as a commitment to convert flexible contracts into permanent contracts. Read more at > FNV Zorg & Welzijn (NL) And at > NU’91 (NL)

Government to insource all cleaners

26 February 2015

Around 2500 cleaners will be insourced by the government over the next eight years. As cleaning contracts come up to an end, the cleaners working on those contracts will become direct government employees and one of the main things they will benefit from is the allowance paid to civil servants to cover travel costs. Read more at > FNV (NL)

Important court victory against social dumping

27 January 2015

The FNV Transport and Logistics trade union has won an important legal victory to ensure that Hungarian drivers working for the Dutch haulier Van den Bosch Transporten get the pay and conditions set by the sector agreement. The company had been using its Hungarian branch as a subcontractor with Hungarian drivers flown into the Netherlands to drive Hungarian vehicles and paid Hungarian wages. The European Transport Workers’ Federation sees this as an important case, saying that the Posted Workers Directive is underused in the sector but can provide some protection against social dumping. Read more at > ETF (EN) And at > FNV (NL)

Unions suspend talks with minister over civil service agreement

28 November 2014

Anger is building among civil servants after four years without a re-negotiated collective agreement. The last agreement ran until 1 January 2011 and talks with the government resumed in May this year but the four trade unions involved decided to pull out. They are particularly angry that the civil service minister is blocking a change to pension payments that would have meant a 0.8% increase to salaries from 1 January 2015. Earlier in the month unions had organised protests around over the long-delayed collective agreement. Read more at > FNV Abvakabo (NL) And at > CNV Publieke Zaak (NL) And at > NU news website (NL) And at > CNV Publieke Zaak (NL)

Home care workers campaign against threat of cuts

14 November 2014

Around 3000 home care workers gathered in the Hague on 8 November to protest against the adoption of a new law on long-term care which would lead to cuts in public spending, closure of care centres and loss of jobs. The demonstrators handed in more than 159.000 signatures to protect care services and plan a further petition if the legislation is passed. Read more at > EPSU (EN) And at > FNV Abvakabo (NL)

Members vote on welfare and social services agreement

11 November 2014

After 18 months of negotiations a new agreement covering the welfare and social services sector is being voted on by members. The CNV Publieke Zaak trade union is recommending acceptance, whereas the FNV Abvakabo trade union is not supporting the agreement. It argues that the provisions affecting older workers and pensions are inadequate and that the pay increases and lump sum payments are not good enough for a 27-month agreement. CNV Publieke Zaak believes the agreement offers workers more control over their employment conditions. The deal is backdated to 1 January 2014 and runs to 1 April 2016. There is a 1% pay increase and €300 lump sum at the end of 2014 and a €250 increase in 2015 and a further 1% from 1 October 2015. Read more at > FNV Abvakabo (NL) And at > CNV Publieke Zaak (NL)

Progress on pay and working time in care agreement

31 October 2014

The three unions - FNV Abvakabo, CNV Publieke Zaak and NU’91 - have negotiated a new collective agreement covering 450,000 workers in the care sector. The agreement runs from 1 September 2014 to 1 April 2016 and includes an overall 2.05% increase in pay. There is a lump sum payment on 1 January 2015 worth 0.25% of 12 times the monthly salary of January 2015, a general wage increase of 1.5% on 1 March 2015 and a second general wage increase of 0.3% on 1 January 2016. A major improvement in the agreement relates to working time with a better balance of flexibility for workers as well as a guarantee of working time instead of the zero-hours contracts faced by many. Read more at > FNV Abvakabo (NL) And at > NU’91 (NL) And at > CNV Publieke Zaak (NL)

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