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Unions consult over agreement in regional government

14 October 2014

After two years without an updated collective agreement, unions in provincial government are now consulting with their members over a possible deal. The proposed agreement would be effectively backdated to 1 June 2012 and run until 31 December 2015. There will be a 2% pay increase on 1 January 2015, followed by a 1% increase on 1 July. A lump sum of €450 will be paid to all workers when the agreement is signed. Other elements include support for those made redundant in terms of help to find new jobs, training and careers advice; action on jobs for disabled and young workers; regulation of flexible working arrangements and measures to take account of increased retirement ages. Read more at > CNV Publieke Zaak (NL) And at > FNV Abvakabo (NL)

Mobilising for a new collective agreement

17 September 2014

FNV Abvakabo and CNV Publieke Zaak are organising local committees to discuss the next steps in a campaign to negotiate a collective agreement covering civil servants. The previous collective agreement expired more than 1000 days ago (31 December 2010) and the unions are now looking to build up active support for a new agreement at local level to try to change the idea that a collective agreements is simply something delivered by the trade union. Read more at > FNV Abvakabo (NL)

Unions fight care worker layoffs

22 August 2014

The FNV Abvakabo and CNV Publieke Zaak public service unions are running a campaign to prevent 363 care workers losing their jobs. The job cuts have been threatened by the ZONL care company which claims the dismissals are necessary because of cuts in funding. The unions are setting up a protest centre outside the town hall in Steenwijkerland in eastern Netherlands where they will coordinate their protests and lobby local councillors. Read more at > CNV Publieke Zaak (NL) And at > FNV Abvakabo (NL)

Disabled care agreement declared generally binding

20 August 2014

The agreement covering workers in the disabled care sector was agreed earlier this year but has now been declared generally binding by the ministry of social affairs. This means that the agreement applies across the sector even at employers who are not signatory to the agreement. The collective agreement runs from 1 March 2014 to 1 March 2015 and includes a 1% pay increase from 1 October, a one-off payment worth 0.7% of salary in June and an increase in the year-end bonus from 6.75% of salary to 7.05%. Read more at > NU’91 (NL)

Finally! An agreement in local government

18 July 2014

After strike action and demonstrations on 18 June and 18 months of on-and-off negotiations, unions have finally lead to a new collective agreement covering the 165000 workers in local government. The agreement is backdated to 1 January 2013 and will run until 1 January 2016. There is a 1% pay increase from 1 October 2014 and a €50 a month flat-rate increase from 1 April 2015 that will in effect mean a 4% rise for the lowest paid and around 2.5% for those on average pay. There is also a €350 one-off payment to compensate for the delay in negotiating the new agreement. The agreement also includes a commitment to take on at least 1500 workers under the age of 27 for at least a year and to provide permanent contracts for workers who have been on three or more temporary contracts or on temporary contracts for at least two years. The agreement also includes important initiatives on procurement and outsourcing, highlighting the questions of quality, costs and social consequences for workers giving works councils a say in the process. Read more at > FNV Abvakabo (NL) And at > CNV Publieke Zaak (NL)

New agreement in waste sector

17 July 2014

The FNV Abvakabo and CNV Publieke Zaak unions have agreed in principle a new collective agreement with the WENb employers in the waste sector. If backed by members the agreement will run from 1 September 2014 until 31 December 2015 and will include a 2% pay increase for the 5600 workers covered. There will be a 1.25% on 1 September, followed by a 0.75% increase in June 2015. The unions have also secured a change from a performance-related bonus to a year-end bonus that they aim to convert into a 13th month payment over the long term. Read more at > FNV Avakabo (NL) And at > CNV Publieke Zaak (NL)

New agreement for youth workers

26 June 2014

Members of FNV Abvakabo and CNV Publieke Zaak in the youth and child welfare sector are being consulted over a new collective agreement. If approved the agreement will give the 30000 workers in the sector a 2% pay increase plus a one-off payment equivalent to 0.5% of salary. It would run for 12 months to 30 April 2015, backdated to 1 May 2014. The unions are please with the deal but concerned about the future for jobs in the sector. Read more at > FNV Abvakabo (NL) And at > CNV Publieke Zaak (NL)

Municipal employers targeted on 18 June

26 June 2014

Thousands of members of FNV Abvakabo and CNV Publieke Zaak trade unions from local government joined a demonstration in the town of Hendrik Ido Andacht on 18 June. Their target was the congress of the VNG municipal employers’ organisation. After 18 months without a renewed collective agreement and no progress in negotiations the unions are stepping up their campaign. There was also strike action by municipal workers in Amsterdam, Groningen and Utrecht on 16, 17 and 18 June and the unions say more industrial action may follow unless the employers return to the negotiating table. The unions are mobilising around the call for respect, jobs and purchasing power and want a 2.5% pay increase this year and 3% next year. Read more at > FNV Abvakabo (NL) And at > CNV Publieke Zaak (NL)

Unions consult over deadlock in provincial government

29 May 2014

The FNV Abvakabo and CNV Publieke Zaak are organsing consultations with members around the country to discuss what initiatives to take to unblock negotiations over a new collective agreement covering provincial government. The employers have not offered any pay increase and there has been no progress in negotations for two years. The consultative meetings have been called for the first half of June and unions are calling for non-members to attend as well. Read more at > FNV Abvakabo (NL) And at > CNV Publieke Zaak (NL)

No progress after fifth bargaining round in hospitals

29 May 2014

Health sector unions - FNV Abvakabo, CNV Publieke Zaak and NU’91 - report no further progress towards a new collective agreement after the fifth round of negotiations in the hospital sector. The unions believe that they have come up with a number of positive proposals in terms of shifting flexible workers to permanent contracts, in relation to working hours and on initiatives on training to improve employability. In response, the employers only seem interested in getting rid of the redundancy scheme. The next round of bargaining is on 11 June. Read common press release at > FNV Abvakabo (NL) And further information at > CNV Publieke Zaak (NL) And further information at > NU’91 (NL)

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