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Local government deal with a 3.4% pay increase

28 January 2016

The FNV trade union has negotiated a new collective agreement for around 165000 workers in local government. The agreement is backdated to 1 January 2016 and runs to 1 May 2017 with a 3.0% pay increase this year and 0.4% next year. The unions and employers have also agreed to discuss the spread of flexible working practices. The FNV is concerned about excessive flexibility particularly in the light of the commitment by local authorities to provide 1000 jobs for younger workers and 730 jobs for workers with disabilities. Read more at > FNV (NL)

Union consulting over social work deal

28 January 2016

After more than a year of campaigning the FNV has agreed a new deal covering social work which is now out to members for consultation. The union is pleased that the agreement covers two important demands - job security and purchasing power. The agreement puts on obligation on municipalities to find alternative work if employees are made redundant. There is a commitment from the government to provide local authorities with funding to cover pay increases in the social work sector. The exact increases are not yet known but should maintain purchasing power over the course of the agreement. The year-end bonus will go up from 3% of annual salary to 3.75% and in March 2016, all employees will receive a lump sum of €325 (pro-rata for part-time employees). The union also managed to rule out a number of demands from the employers that would have worsened the collective agreement. Read more at > FNV (NL)

Support and advice on cancer link to night work

18 December 2015

The FNV trade union is highlighting the evidence indicating a link between night and shift work and cancer. The union says that disruption to the bodies bio-rhythms can affect hormones and it is particularly concerned about the potential impact on 80000 care workers who are on shift work, with the vast majority women. The union has organised a meeting with cancer experts at the Amsterdam Medical Centre in February as a contribution to making health workers more aware of the risks. Read more at > FNV (NL)

Ambulance workers approve new agreement

26 November 2015

Members of the FNV and CNV have voted in favour of a new collective agreement covering ambulance workers that will run until the end of 2018. The deal was reached at the beginning of November after a campaign of industrial action over several months. There will be basic pay increases of 1.0%, 1.2% and 1.5% in each of the next three years but workers will also benefit by around 1.25% a year from a new way of calculating holiday pay. Workers over 57 will no longer have to do night shifts and there is also a commitment to replace temporary jobs with permanent ones. Read more at > FNV (NL)

Sheltered employment protestors arrested

25 November 2015

On 19 November some 7500 people took part in a demonstration in the Hague as part of a long-running campaign to secure a new collective agreement in the sheltered employment sector. However, the FNV was outraged when 30 protestors were arrested for occupying the VNG local government employers’ offices. They were later released but missed the summit meeting between the union, employers and Ministry of Social Affairs. Read more at > FNV (NL) And at > FNV (NL)

Union wins major court victory over bankrupt care company

11 November 2015

The FNV trade union confederation won an important legal case earlier this month involving the Meavista care company that went bankrupt in 2009. With more than 20,000 employees and 100,000 clients and a turnover of half a billion euros Meavita was one of the largest healthcare organizations in the Netherlands.The key element the verdict is the personal liability of the board of directors and the supervisory board and there is a signal to businesses that you cannot use bankruptcy to escape from claims of malpractice. The next step will be to assess damages suffered by the thousands of workers affected and to start a follow up procedure. Read more at > FNV (NL)

Ambulance workers take action to secure new collective agreement

14 October 2015

After 10 months without a new collective agreement, ambulance workers, members of FNV Zorg and Welzijun took their first national industrial action on 7 October. They followed this up with further action in different regions on Monday 12 and Wednesday 14 October. The four-hour strike action has also been preceded by several months of working to rule, with employees making sure they take their breaks and not doing overtime. Read more at > FNV (NL)

Job security key priority in collective bargaining

24 September 2015

The FNV has set out a number of key priorities for its collective bargaining with job security one of the main demands. The confederation is also looking at a target of 3% increases in salaries and the abolition of youth wages. The FNV wants to ensure higher pay for lower paid workers as part of a strategy to tackle rising inequality. Getting flexible workers on permanent contracts and more jobs for people with disabilities also feature in the debate on collective agreements going on within the confederation. Read more at > FNV (NL)

Union refuses to sign deal with government

14 August 2015

The FNV has refused to sign an agreement with the government covering a broad range of public sector workers. The union has challenged the government to clarify what the deal would mean for pensions in particular. While the government claims it is offering a 5.05% pay increase, the FNV argues that part of this money comes from reduced pensions and so is in fact worth only 2.85% with a €500 lump sum. The union will continue to campaign for a better deal and for collective agreements covering civil servants and other public sector workers. It also wants a commitment for more permanent rather than temporary jobs across the public services. Read more at > FNV (NL)

New agreement in general practice

30 July 2015

The FNV and CNV trade unions have negotiated a new two-year agreement covering workers in general practices. In terms of pay the agreement, backdated to 1 March 2015 will deliver a 3.75% increase in four stages. There are also provisions on shift work and annual leave affecting older workers and additional funds for trainees. Read more at > FNV (NL)

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