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EWC of German energy company RWE reaches agreement on restructuring

The EWC agreed with management minimum standards that apply in the case of restructuring. The agreement has to be seen in the light of corporate social responsibility of the company. The agreement defines what restructuring is. It includes outsourcing of important parts of the company (for example in the case of networks (unbundling). The main point is that the company has to inform and discuss with works councils and trade unions before decisions are taken. Dismissals should be prevented. (...)

EWC RWE Power Forum argues for new power station and jobs

The European Works Council of RWE Power Forum adopted a statement asking Hungarian politicians for a quick decision on the building of a new power station that would create many jobs: Resolution des Europäischen PowerForums der RWE Power AG JA zum Neubau eines 400 MW Braunkohleblocks bei Mátrai Erömü/Visonta JA zu 500 Arbeitsplätzen in der Region Gyöngyös JA zu 5000 Arbeitsplätzen während der Bauphase des 400 MW Blockes JA zur Energieversorgungssicherheit durch heimische Energieträger Das (...)

RWE AG : Rahmenvereinbarung zur Bildung des Europäischen Energyforums

Rahmenvereinbarung zur Bildung des Europäischen Energyforums (Stand: 01.03.2005) RWE EBR 2005

Thames Water European Forum

(8 November 2005) At the recent meeting, at the end of October, of the Thames Water European Forum the Employee Side were concerned to receive reports from the UK and Berlin speculating about RWE’s reported proposals to divest itself of some or all of the Thames Water Division. This Division currently holds Thames Water (UK), American Water (USA), Berliner Wasserbetreibe (Germany) and Pridesa (Spain). The Employee Side, which represents employees in the UK, Germany and Spain took the (...)

RWE Energy unions start work even before formal European Works Council is established

The Special negotiating body of RWE Energy adopted two statements at its latest meeting in November. The SNB agreed a position on unbundling and on the role of the regulators. It is a demonstration on how unions can work together even before a formal EWC is established.

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