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National and European Administration

The president of the EPSU standing Committee for National and European Administration is Jean-Paul Devos.

Nadja Salson is the EPSU policy officer.

Find out who is your EPSU representative for National and European Administration here

What are the main issues for EPSU?

The national and European administration sector – civil and public servants largely located in the government ministries, agencies, and EU institutions– is hugely sensitive. This is a sector subject to many reforms, often driven solely by financial considerations, from decentralisation, through alignment of working conditions and status to the private sector, to privatisation of some core functions and services. Trade union rights are often more restricted than in other sectors.

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Public services and migrants - Final project conference (2 days)

18-19 September 2012 in Marseilles, France >For detailed information and programme

2012 Annual Growth Survey’s proposals for the modernisation of public administration

Another tale of the missing links
- EPSU Statement, February 2012

EPSU statement to mark International Day against corruption 9 December 2011

(7 December) On 22 and 23 November 2011, European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) affiliates from Western Balkan (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia) and Norway, met in Belgrade, Serbia, to discuss corruption in public services, notably public administration, judiciary and health sectors. This was the first meeting of EPSU affiliates on this topic with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung - Regional Office for project labour relations (...)

Joint EPSU/ETUI-REHS Education Workshop: Migration policy and migrant workers’ rights (2 days)

Tailler dans les rémunérations et l’emploi du secteur public n’est pas la solution à la crise économique globale

DÉCLARATION DU COMITÉ PERMANENT DE LA FSESP À L’ADRESSE DES INSTITUTIONS NATIONALES ET UE (NEA) Les Organisations Syndicales affiliées à la FSESP, lesquelles représentent des millions de fonctionnaires et travailleurs du Secteur public en Europe, se sont rencontrées le 15 octobre 2009 à Bruxelles. Le Comité a entendu rapport sur les plans gouvernementaux de coupes claires dans les rémunérations, dans les pensions, dans l’emploi et autres conditions du Secteur public. Ce qui va compromettre le (...)

Snoeien in de werkgelegenheid van de openbare sector is geen oplossing voor de economische crisis

Public sector pay and job cuts is not the solution to the global economic crisis

Statement by EPSU Standing Committee on national and EU institutions (NEA) (Brussels, 16 October 2009) EPSU’s trade union affiliates representing millions of state sector civil servants and employees in Europe met on 15 October 2009 in Brussels. The Committee heard direct accounts of government plans to cut public and civil service pay, pensions, other conditions and jobs. These will make it impossible to maintain a high quality public service when people need it most. Ongoing cuts (...)

EPSU gears up for Migration Seminar in Athens

The EPSU workshop on migration, jointly hosted by the National Administration and Local government sections will take place on 3-4 November in Athens. Over 30 participants have already registered for the event. It is the first occasion for EPSU members to discuss the Congress resolution on Migration. EPSU, in association with the Labour Research Institute have sent out a questionnaire to look at the actions that unions organising members in national, regional and local government in (...)

Report EPSU 8th Congress: Congress Resolution on National and EU administrations

(10 June 2009, Brussels) For the congress period 2009 – 2014, the EPSU 8th EPSU Congress unanimously adopted the resolution on National Administration. The resolution was introduced by Charlie Cochrane (PCS, UK), EPSU Committee Chair for the sector. The congress committed to: Strengthening Social Dialogue, Specifically Mr. Cochrane outlined that; “We put an end to trade union divisions, a major obstacle to establish a European social dialogue with our employers’ counterpart EUPAN. Together (...)

EPSU 8th Congress Briefing - National Administration

The National and European Administration section of our congress will focus on: Item 13) Resolution R.6 “National and European Administration” - introduced by Charles Cochrane (pictured), chair of EPSU Committee for National Administration – calls on EPSU and affiliates to promote trade union rights for civil servants at national and EU levels in line with the EU Charter of Fundamental rights and other relevant European and International charters and conventions; shift the current debate from (...)

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