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On 17 December 2010, under the EU Belgian Presidency, the European social partners, TUNED and EUPAE, launched the Social Dialogue Committee for Central Government administrations (SDC CGA) with the support of the European Commission. At the time it was the 40th European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee.

It followed on from a long period of informal social dialogue that culminated in a successful two-year test phase in 2008 and 2009 on a formal social dialogue. During that period, topics such as equality and diversity, geographical and occupational mobility, trust in governments, information and consultation rights of employees and civil servants were discussed. TUNED is the EPSU-led trade union delegation that consists of affiliates of EPSU and CESI in all EU member states, except Slovenia, as well as Norway and EU candidate countries. The EPSU/CESI cooperation agreement is available here.

The TUNED spokesperson is the chair of the EPSU NEA committee, Britta Lejon, ST, Sweden. EUPAE is the EU Public Administration Employers platform. As of today it consists of the following 16 national administrations : Austria (observer), Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany (observer), Greece, Hungary (observer), Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta (observer), Portugal (observer), Romania, Slovakia, Spain, UK. The secretariat of EUPAE is currently assumed by the French administration (DGAFP), following on from the Belgian administration. The chair of the SDC CGA alternates every year between TUNED and EUPAE, for more information please see rules of procedure of the Committee. The objectives of the Committee are to encourage and develop the social dialogue between the trade unions and employers at European and national levels on issues relevant to the sector, improve the quality of employment and of services provided for the general interest, and respond to the Commission’s consultations on social and employment policy that have an impact on the central government sector. Multiannual workprogrammes are adopted by the Committee (see section adopted documents - latest version NEA work plan 2015-2019).

Find out who is your EPSU representative for National and European Administration here.

EPSU gears up for Migration Seminar in Athens

The EPSU workshop on migration, jointly hosted by the National Administration and Local government sections will take place on 3-4 November in Athens. Over 30 participants have already registered for the event. It is the first occasion for EPSU members to discuss the Congress resolution on Migration. EPSU, in association with the Labour Research Institute have sent out a questionnaire to look at the actions that unions organising members in national, regional and local government in (...)

Report EPSU 8th Congress: Congress Resolution on National and EU administrations

(10 June 2009, Brussels) For the congress period 2009 – 2014, the EPSU 8th EPSU Congress unanimously adopted the resolution on National Administration. The resolution was introduced by Charlie Cochrane (PCS, UK), EPSU Committee Chair for the sector. The congress committed to: Strengthening Social Dialogue, Specifically Mr. Cochrane outlined that; “We put an end to trade union divisions, a major obstacle to establish a European social dialogue with our employers’ counterpart EUPAN. Together (...)

EPSU 8th Congress Briefing - National Administration

The National and European Administration section of our congress will focus on: Item 13) Resolution R.6 “National and European Administration” - introduced by Charles Cochrane (pictured), chair of EPSU Committee for National Administration – calls on EPSU and affiliates to promote trade union rights for civil servants at national and EU levels in line with the EU Charter of Fundamental rights and other relevant European and International charters and conventions; shift the current debate from (...)

Joint NEA/LRG seminar on Quality Public Finances

meeting documents PART FORM hotels map See also 31st Meeting of the Standing Committee on National and European Administration, 26 May 2009, Luxembourg 32nd meeting of the Standing Committee on Local and Regional Government 28 May 2009, Luxembourg

Fackförbundet ST executive comes to Brussels for NEA update

(19 March 2009, Brussels) The Swedish Union of Civil Servants; Fackforbundet ST, brought its Executive Committee to Brussels this week for an intensive EU training session. It was the first time that the 80,000 strong union had sent the Executive on an EU study trip. EPSU sent National Administration (NEA) Officer Nadja Salson to give a detailed briefing on the updates in the sector. The EPSU officer explained the Social Dialogue process including the follow-up to statement on stress at (...)

Message de solidarité de la FSESP pour la journée d’actions en France - 19 mars

Aux organisations syndicales françaises affiliées à la FSESP Bruxelles le 18 mars 2009 MESSAGE DE SOLIDARITE DE LA FSESP POUR LA JOURNEE D’ACTIONS DU 19 MARS 2009 EN FRANCE La FSESP, représentant 8 millions d’agents publics et fonctionnaires en Europe, soutient la journée de mobilisation interprofessionnelle et intersyndicale en France le 19 mars 2009 qui donnera lieu à des grèves et des manifestations dans tout le pays. Cette journée d’actions est la prolongation de celle du 29 janvier et (...)

Introduction to National and European Administration and EPSU

National and European Administration The president of the EPSU standing committee for National and European Administration is Charles Cochrane. Nadja Salson is the EPSU policy officer. Find out who is your EPSU representative for National and European Administration here What are the main issues for EPSU? The national and European administration sector – civil and public servants largely located in the government ministries, agencies, and EU institutions– is hugely sensitive. This is a (...)

Prison action day, and social dialogue update top NEA COMMITTEE

Prison action day, and social dialogue update top NEA COMMITTEE agenda, 17 October 2007, Copenhagen Tributes also made to departing NEA chairperson updates 1. Day of Action on 28 February 2008 to protest against prison overcrowding in Europe 10 Countries have accepted to take part in the European Day of Action which was our initial target. The NEA committee meeting reiterated its full support for the Action Day which will consist of a demonstration in Brussels and coordinated (...)

EPSU workshop on defence sector, 17 April, Luxembourg

Course “Working and living conditions in prison services in Europe: collective bargaining issues”

The Education Department of the European Trade Union Institute for Research, Education and Health and Safety (ETUI-REHS Education) will organise a joint course with EPSU Working and living conditions in prison services in Europe: collective bargaining issues which will be held from 10 to 12 December 2006 in Prague, Czech Republic. More info

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