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Adopted documents

Recommendations towards closing the gender pay gap

Adopted on 30 September 2014 TUNED (Trade Union’s National and European Delegation) - EUPAE (European Public Administration Employers) Background In 2011, the Social Dialogue Committee for Central Government Administrations (SDC CGA)1 adopted a statement Towards equal pay that calls for, amongst others, wage transparency as a prerequisite for closing the gender pay gap. At European level, a first obstacle to pay transparency is the absence of comparative gendered pay data for Central (...)

New WORK PLAN SDC CGA 2014-2015

New work plan SDC CGA 2014-2015adopted on 24 March 2014 available in EN and FR: SDC CGA Work plan 20­14-2015 EN SDC CGA Work plan 20­14-2015 FR

Strategy for strengthening human resources by better anticipating and managing change

December 2013

Towards well-being at work as part of a new EU occupational safety and health strategy framework

December 2013

Consultation of Social Partners on enhancing EU cooperation in the prevention and deterrence of undeclared work

September 2013

Towards a Quality Framework on Traineeships

February 2013

Image and Attractivity of Central Government Administrations

December 2012

European framework-agreement EUPAE/TUNED for a quality service in Central Government Administrations

December 2012

European Commission’s Green Paper Restructuring and anticipation of change: what lessons from recent experience?

Response of the European Social Dialogue Committee in Central Government Administrations (30 March 2012)

Effects of the crisis on the central government administrations

Statement by the European Social Dialogue Committee for the Central Government Administrations - 31 December 2011

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