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Adopted documents

Negotiations of an EU binding agreement on information and consultation in central government

EPSU Statement – 23 June 2015 On 2 June, the EU Social Dialogue Committee for Central Government, led by EPSU for the trade union side, adopted a joint response to the EC Consultation on a possible consolidation of three EU directives dealing with workers’ rights to information and consultation at the workplace . In the absence of EU common minimum standards on information and consultation rights for EU central government employees, TUNED, the trade union delegation, and EUPAE, the (...)

Response to the Consultation of European Commission on a consolidation of the EU Directives on information and consultation of workers

June 2015

Policy recommendations for a quality service in central government administration

April 2015

EU social partners in central government discuss concrete ways to improve the quality of public services dealing with people in vulnerable situations

November 2014

Réponse à la consultation publique relative à la stratégie Europe 2020

October 2014

Recommendations towards closing the gender pay gap

September 2014

New WORK PLAN SDC CGA 2014-2015

March 2014

Consultation “Review of existing VAT legislation on public bodies and tax exemptions in the public interest” TAXUD/C1

March 2014

Health & Safety Agreement in the hairdressing sector

March 2014

Strategy for strengthening human resources by better anticipating and managing change

December 2013

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