ETUC executive committee rejects inclusion of special investor protections in EU-Canada Treaty and TTIP

(9 June 2016) The European Commission is negotiating with several countries agreements to liberalise trade. The most important ones are CETA (between the EU and Canada) and TTIP (with the USA).  There are many concerns for example around the impact on public services such as health and social services. We raised the concerns and opposition to including Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) procedures in these Treaties. The European Commission responded to pressure of trade unions, social movements, municipalities and many others. 150.000 people responded in a similar way to the public consultation of the European Commission on this. In reaction the Commission proposed some changes and called for an International Court System (ICS).

The ETUC Executive Committee considered the changes proposed by the Commission. It recognized some steps had been made. These do not meet its demands. It rejects the special protection of foreign investors in these Treaties. Such special protection in combination with regulatory cooperation and the impact this has on the right of public authorities to regulate and the democratic process is not acceptable.

The ETUC Executive Committee further confirmed its rejection of CETA. It does not bring benefits for workers, people and our communities in Europe. We will campaign to make clear to Parliaments and national governments that the proposed Treaty is not a gold standard. It does not have the ambition to contribute to fulfilling the Sustainable Development goals nor to assist in realizing the COP 21 Climate Change agreement reached in Paris. It does not address the issues trade unions and others have been raising for several year. They have not been taken into account in the text proposed for adoption.

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