Portuguese citizens initiative against water privatisation collects 40.000 signatures !

MG 0330-2
(1st March 2013) The campaign ‘Agua de todos’ (water for all) that fights against the privatization of water and sanitation in Portugal presented yesterday 40.000 signatures to stop privatization of the national water company.

The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) welcomes the success of Agua de todos and wishes that the voice of tens of thousands of Portuguese citizens will be heard by the authorities and they will stop the privatization of the water company. The campaign is well trade union backed with the active participation of EPSU’s affiliate STAL.

We hope that the successful conclusion of this national citizens initiative will lead to a boost of the European Citizens Initiative that has already reach 1 million signatures.

- Press Release (PT)

- For more information see www.aguadetodos.com
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